Nepal Team Update 081409


We’ve made it back to Kathmandu this afternoon and are exhausted from the bus ride. As usual, “NWA” was in effect, that is, “Nepal Wins Again,” when it came to ground transportation. Our usual vendor sold us passenger tickets and without our knowledge, he sub-contracted our seats out to another company’s bus.

There were no meal stops so we snacked our way through. The bus wouldn’t take us to our agreed-upon destination, and took us an hour out of our way and then loaded us onto another vehicle to take us back in the correct direction. Our hotel in Pokhara increased the room fees by four-fold, so we had to stay at an unfamiliar place.

The hotel blames the travel broker and vice versa, so I don’t know who to believe. They were both surprised when I simply went out and found another place to stay for a couple of nights without using their help whatsoever.

I’m describing all of this to paint the picture of why Nepal is a very hard place to do ministry and why we need to leave lots of travel time in the schedule because you never know. God has been good though.

We made it back to Kathmandu  and by the way, the only day in over a week that the planes did fly was the day that we came down from Jomsom!  Nick and I sporting our new haircuts and eating it up at the Downtown Restaurant earlier this evening.

Carl and Nick

Blessings from the team!

Carl for Arise Medical Missions (Nepal)