Nepal Team Update (Combined) 081609 1645


Seems as if Christen and Brian’s journey has ended as it appears as if their flight landed 5 minutes ago! Praise you Father for your faithfulness. We will miss them and are so grateful for their service. We trust that their time and efforts were well spent. Thank you for your prayers on their behalf. May God bless them as they begin to recuperate and get used to life as we know it.

Then there’s the Florida group:

Hi Everyone,

We have arrived in Doha with no major problems.  We will leave for London in about three hours, which is the right amount of time to wait here.  The team seems eager to get home now that we’ve started the journey.  Dikchhya had no problems in the Kathmandu Airport, praise God!

Naturally, our taxi died shortly after getting in at the Goshen House for the 40 minute ride to the airport and we had to shift to another vehicle after trying to push start it for about 1/4 mile.  We did arrive just in time to beat a torrential rainstorm which would have trashed our luggage which was tied to the roof.

Lastly, the police really liked a tract that was in my Bible and were eager to keep it when I offered… it looked like US money in the denomination of 1,000,000!

Also, Austin was carrying snack food for us and a different police officer opened the can of peanuts and confiscated precisely seven nuts for sampling.  I guess he was concerned that they might not be real peanuts and just had to be sure in the interest of airline transportation safety.  Yes, I’m not really surprised by any of this!

This may be our last update other than a quick progress note posted by Gina from London or Charlotte.

See you all soon,

Carl for Arise Medical Missions (Doha)