Nepal Team Update (Combined) 081609


Still no word from Christen and Brian although we are not worried at all. Planes are flying and it looks like their flight to O’Hare is currently on schedule! They have enjoyed a long layover in Germany which afforded them time to sleep and get at least one or two German pretzels. God is so good!

Better yet, no word from the Nepal Team group returning to Florida. They have less than three remaining hours to leave Kathmandu and we have every reason to believe that they are currently checking into the airport and awaiting their scheduled departure. Praise you Father for moving them along.

We know that they can’t wait to get back. After six weeks in the field, they’ve eaten it, lived it, and breathed it. Surely a hamburger or two are in order right! WRONG! Moms and Dads, please help them go easy on their return dietary extravaganza. They have new bacteria in their gut and it’s Nepalese! That means that the United States bacteria needs time to move back in and assist the Nepalese bacteria with moving out. That takes time.

This means light, healthy foods. Lots of fluids in the form of water and juice, a daily multi-vitamin, all kinds of fruits and vegetables (the fresher the better) and healthy protein (whatever your preference). Fried is out! Otherwise you may be visiting with them the first two days in the bathroom and who wants that?

Sorry to be so frank but thought we would be nice and warn you. Please call Arise if they should have any gastric or enteric upset so that we can guide and assist you with how to turn it around.

Blessings in Him alone,

~Gina for Arise Medical Missions (US)