Dikchhya Update 082209

Praise the Lord! I made it to PCC safely. I have got new roomies who have been here for the whole summer working. I got to meet one of them and ever since then we have been talking to each other about Nepal.

Talking to her about the missions trip this summer refreshed lots of memories, especially it reminded me about Salomi, Rena, Mehash, Ruth, Mom, Dad and Samraj (my little brother). All of them need prayer and for whom I have been praying for.

After unpacking everything I will be leaving for Youth Group, where I will be able to meet my old friends, as well as seventeen new resident students at PCA. I am very excited for this year and to make more Christian friends. The Lord has been good to me throughout.

Prayer request:

Please do pray for my senior year at PCA.

Many Blessing,