Dikchhya Update 090109

It’s my second week of senior year. I am really excited what God has been doing in my life each and every day. He has been merciful toward me as He always has been, by providing for me.

Thinking about the million things which God has done in my life. This past week was my first week of senior year in school. I again got to be with all of my old friends; which made me feel loved, because they were really excited to see me.

My favorite part! Hymn. I got to sing again those wonderful words of the songs, which really make me think and wander of the God’s power.

My favorite “Search me of God” Psalm 139:23-24. And last but not the least; I got to come back, for my senior year.

I again have to move to another building this coming week. I am sad that I am leaving my two wonderful roommates but happy at the same time since the college students are coming.

Most exciting part, Lhakpa and Billy would be here soon. I am excited to have another Nepali over here and just to talk to her about all the wonderful things about the summer missions.

I am really thankful to God that I got to go to a mission’s trip this summer and got to meet my family. It has been an amazing blessing form the Lord, which will be never forgotten.

Prayer Request:

-For my senior year at PCA

-For Rina, Samlomi, Mehas, Ruth, Pastor Jhona and his family

~Dikchhya for Arise Medical Missions (Arise Exchange Student)