Carl Update 091209

Hi Everyone,

Well, it is Friday at about 1PM in our little bungalow on 7th Street in Sarasota.  Gina is working industriously on her two work computers, the washing machine is running on overdrive (as usual) and Simon is asleep at my feet.  Believe it or not, it is still very quiet but in about an hour the boys will be home from school and we’ll be off with the afternoon routines.

It is good to be home for a while, though.  I have just finished closing out the expenses records from the Summer in Mustang and even looking at the receipts, I am missing the work that was accomplished.  Now, I have a large pile of receipts to mail off to the Arise financial folks and to my left and right side, is a growing pile of papers and notes launching us into our Fall activities back in Kenya.

Right now, Gina, Mary, Jeff S. and I have started to individually and collectively plan for a medical conference in Nairobi with some of our ministry partners in eastern Africa for October.

We are planning to teach Wilderness Medical Care and Survival for missioxxry aviators.  A few of us may also back this up with a stop in Nepal (as if that’s in the same neck of the woods) to do a few medical and dental camps for a few days, but it beats coming all the way back to the States and then going back Mustang just a few short days afterwards.  In addition to this, we may also make another African stop to visit another ministry and help out with a project there too, but more on that later.

Genet is due home shortly too!  What I mean by “home” and “shortly” are that her tour of duty in southwest Asia is completed and she is returning to the States.  We are really excited that she is returning after just over a year!

In closing, please continue to pray for Salome, the disabled child that we brought from Mustang down to Kathmandu in August.  Her parents have decided to leave unexpectedly and relocate to Pokhara despite the tremendous improvements in Salome’s strength and development.  Constantly, we are reminded of just how complex cross-cultural ministries can be but we do know that God is in control.

For the Arise family,

~Carl at Arise Medical Missions (US)