Dikchhya Update 092009

It has been more than a month, and it just seems like yesterday that I was in Nepal, doing missions. I am praying for each and everyone and they will be always in my heart.

These past weeks have been really busy with all the classes and the meetings which we have to attend, since this is the beginning of the year. I am really excited for this year, for what God has for me. Spending time with Lhakpa, has been a great blessing. Last Friday, we were out sitting near the commons in the college and talking to each other about mercies of God which He has provided to use abundantly and how awesome both of our summer was.

I love school. The teachers are amazing and I just love them. They always are praying for me. If I have to choose and say which my favorite class is, I shall say speech. It’s the only class I can speak, without getting a detention, not that I have any right now I just love speech.

At first speaking in front of the class made me nervous and thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown, but now I am fine. I enjoy it And preciously I love American Government. It is just amazing. I love politics. And it is really interesting to know about America’s founding fathers. Oh! That reminds me, I have to write a research paper concerning America’s founding father. I think I will be doing on either Washington or Lincoln.

I just want to thank everyone, for their prayer for me. Please do keep on praying for me and also for the people in Nepal. I don’t know how Pastor Jhona is doing but, if you would please do pray for their family, and their ministry in Jomsom. If you would please do pray for my and Lhakpa’s family’s salvation. Lastly, Salomi and Rena.

~Dikchhya for Arise Medical Missions