Kenya Team Update 101109


Great news! All is well as the group prepares to leave for Kenya with the first two team members leaving today and remaining three leaving tomorrow. Yahoo! Please pray for traveling mercies and for mercy in general. I ask this because four of the team members that are going are stern Type A Jesus lovers who have all been around the block a time or two and think they’ve got the answer to every possible mission mishap that might ever occur.

Still, there is one team member (who has also been around the block) that is able to lean further onto the side of compassion and fun at a moment’s notice. That would be Pastxr Jeff S from CC DC Metro. He’s also the Arise Selection and Training Manager. Here’s a blog entry as he prepares to depart.

Hi friends,

I was able to pick up the training supplies we will need for the conference from Crosslink International and get them packaged yesterday.  They came in two large cardboard boxes, but with a little bit of sweat and a whole lot of shoving, I was able to convert two oversize boxes into two ‘luggage’ sized bags.  I would love to receive heaps of prayer on Monday as I try to clear customs in Kenya – I’ve never been stopped before and I don’t see a reason to change that on this trip.  Crosslink did a great job of providing all the appropriate documentation and certificates for the materials I am carrying, but I still would like to avoid the inconvenience of having to explain why I am carrying hundreds of yards of gauze…

I’m looking forward to a great trip – we have a good team assembled and we are going to teach an important conference.  I am certain lives will be changed at some point because of the information we are sharing.  It is a privilege to be able to minister to and with AIM Air which supports so many of the other ministries in Eastern Africa – by blessing them we will indirectly bless hundreds, or perhaps thousands of other missionaries and native workers.


May God be glorified!

~JDS for Arise Medical Missions