Kenya Team Update 101709

Hi friends,

I am writing from Miami International having just re-entered the country and am waiting for a connection to Tampa International. I’ve checked in with the boys as well as with Arise Communications and confirmed that the remaining team members are doing just fine in Kenya.

My father-in-law says that I sound tired and I have to admit that I’m definitely out of sorts with such a fast turn around time. Still, I can honestly say that this probably has to have been one of the best experiences that I’ve had in the mission field yet in ways.

I’m sure that many of you might wonder how that could be with just three short days in the field. Well, for one thing, I have to admit that I love to teach. For another reason, the small group that I was with was just great to be with all around probably because for the most part, we’ve known each other for quite some time and that really does make a difference.

Then there was the group that served. I find that most interesting of all. They just seem to get along incredibly well. I’m sure that there are problems within their organization,  but overall they really do just seem to genuinely get along well with one another and that makes all the difference in the world.

As for the others, in my absence, they have gone on to the Sudan briefly for an assessment visit and returned to Nairobi. I think that the best part of the trip is that we are moving closer in the direction of possibly committing to a joint partnership with AIM Air. We find this exciting and encouraging to say the least.

I’m sure that we will be posting more information as to what this means for Arise as things develop. Once again, I have been reminded of one thing and one thing alone. God is sovereign and so is his timing.

We also continue to pray for our friends at The Masters Mission who faithfully serve in some of the most difficult and remote regions of Africa. You really can’t imagine how great the needs are until you see them with your own eyes.

I’m sure that you will be hearing more from the team as things develop.

Kind regards,

~Gina for Arise Medical Missions