Carl Update 102009


Hi Everyone,

Although I’m now sitting in Germany, I thought it might be worthy to send in an excerpt from a few days back while the Arise Secretary was recovering from jet lag and wasn’t able to post for a short period of time. Here goes!

Well, Mary, Jeff and I have been sitting with our laptops for about two hours trying to get a stubborn internet to send out a message for posting on the blog with no success, so I am writing this on Sunday night and will try to send this out later on Monday perhaps.  Dr. Mark departed a few hours ago, Gina has reported arrival at home in Florida,  and we are clearly winding down the mission.

Blessings have been numerous for us, from us, and around us during this trip.  We were able to deliver (thanks to God) a quality and well-received medical education program for missionaries working at literally the edge of a very dangerous world.  We were able to see ourselves ministered to and to minister to many very awesome individuals; pilots, mechanics, doctors, nurses, pastors, young and old alike.

I want to tell you that this weekend, several of us had the opportunity to visit a ministry operated by a friend in Jinja, Uganda where she is running a feeding program and directly caring for babies of low birth weight. I ran a tiny medical camp with Dr. Mark solidly backing up the clinical decisions (a real blessing to say the least), Mary cared for babies, and our pilot Ron and Jeff had some serious bur necessary discussions about missions in dangerous places.  We were all blessed in different ways.

Sunday, we all went to church, splitting ourselves up with different AIM AIR hosts. They all have cared for our every physical and emotional need while here. They have been awesome too!

In the afternoon, we were invited to accompany a crew on a scheduled mission out into the African plain, about 100 miles west of Nairobi.  While dodging thunderstorms (or driving through them), we were treated to the most amazing and beautiful scenery and wildlife that the continent has to offer.  I enjoyed this so much but I was sad that Gina had already returned home due to her job, and missed out on the experience.

On the return flight, we arrived just before dusk, said goodbye to some most interesting passengers, tucked the plane away and returned to the guest house for chicken noodle soup.  I leave in a few hours, while Jeff and Mary punch out later on Monday.

Do we have plans to return?  Well let’s just say that we don’t have anything firm just yet, but we are all talking like we are and hoping so too!  For me, I came here to bless others with my experiences and am leaving rather blessed myself.

For all of us remaining and those departed,

~Carl for Arise Medical Missions (Kenya at the time but Germany now)