Kenya Team Update 102009 0554


Great news! Mary and Jeff are sitting in London waiting for the next leg of their journey. Dr. Mark is now in bed sleeping having safely returned to his home of record. That leaves Carl to account for, who apparently has so much energy that he’s working out at the gym in Ramstein before tending to his day. Yikes! Isn’t it just amazing how humans are so unique in their creation that they are able to literally ooze into and out of their immediate environment without a whole lot of discomfort.

Jeff writes the following regarding his trip experience:

This has been an absolutely amazing trip!  We have had a good team and have worked with some great missionaries, and God has already confirmed the necessity of the work we are doing.

Yesterday, while we were over in Uganda, AIM Air received a call requesting emergency evacuation for a man who had been shot in the face with an AK-47 during a car robbery out in the bush.  Two pilots, who had completed our training not less than 24 hours earlier, were sent out to conduct the evacuation and brought the man to a local hospital.  I don’t think any of us assumed they would use their training so quickly!

I have also been amazed at how many people I have encountered on this short trip that have faced serious threats to their lives while serving on the field.  During the training course I met a couple who spent several days in Kigali, Rwanda during the massacres there in the 1990’s – events that were recently portrayed in the movie Hotel Rwanda.  This couple was able to evacuate with the help of the US Embassy, but that involved a frightening trip through the city in the back of an open truck with violence occurring all around them.

Yesterday I had a conversation with a man who had been held hostage for two weeks in Southern Sudan in the 1980’s before being freed by US and Sudanese Counterterrorism units.  Then, today at lunch, Carl, Mary, and I had a conversation with a couple who survived the shelling of their city in Southern Sudan around the same time.  It is amazing what some people are willing to endure for the sake of Jesus and that though they faced some extreme difficulties, each of them remains on the field serving our risen Lord.

I thank God for allowing us the privilege of spending time with the people we have met and served on this trip – may He give us the wisdom and discernment to know when and where to do this next.

~Jeff for Arise Medical Missions