AIM Air Update 102109


Carl and the Arise team.

Just wanted to say a big thank you again from us here at AIMAIR, (this is not necessarily an “official” letter) but my wanting to thank you for your extraordinary efforts to teach and guide as we worked our way through the materials covered and beyond!!!  I personally enjoyed getting to know each one of you. I am once again amazed at Gods hand in even the small endeavors that we undertake and how He brings together everything for His purposes. Each member of the team brought experience and perspective to us that we would not otherwise have, encouraging and enlightening us all. May God bless you, as you get back into your daily routines, you can be assured of the lasting impact you have made here.  Once again the Arise team as done an outstanding job, thank you for your partnership, professionalism, purpose and sacrifice. (Jeff do you see a sermon coming?)  Anyway these few words do not adequately express our appreciation for your efforts.  Thank you! Thank you! Will be waiting for the upcoming book from Dr. Mark (basically the people version of James Harriet’s series, All things…….)

In His Service,

Dan Spooner