Thank You and Beyond 102109


Dan, believe me when I say that words cannot express the level of thanks that we feel when we think about our recent experience in Kenya. I told Carl that as crazy as it sounds, I truly loved everything about the trip. I felt like I was home and just visiting a bunch of my brothers and sisters. Some mission experiences are ones that you just truly hope to move on from and not revisit at any cost. Others are ones that were so good that you wish you could relive them over and over again. Such is the case when it comes to this one. I’ve been told that the gift of “hospitality” is the special ability that God gives specific people within the Body to provide for their needs above and beyond the call of duty. In your case, it was with open arms. We knew that we could ask you for anything and you were there to AIM to please. You were genuinely concerned about us and truly interested in the little bit that we had to offer in return. You were instant friendship in a strange and far away land and we felt welcomed by all who we encountered. Some people might think that was just because you’re a great host but I have to believe it’s because you were walking with Jesus every step of the way. I couldn’t pay enough good money to find a better example if I tried.

You know we LOVE you guys and gals and are available at a moment’s notice. I can’t say it enough… “Just call!”


The Arise Secretary… “Gina”