News From Friends 103109

Dear friends and family,

Well let’s just start with the bad news first, Thumper is now helping one of our Sokote trees to grow, but at least it wasn’t because of our dog or cat.  Bunnies are just that way, they do fine for awhile and then they end up as fertilizer………………and then there’s the rain!  Rain. Rain?  Yes for almost all of Kenya the rains have come and for some places like the coast they are actually evacuating because of flooding.  Nairobi is also receiving a good amount as their water table was very low.   On our return trip to Loiy every place had evidence of rains, that is until we were about 2 hours out of Loiyangalani.  Sadly, it had not rained during the 2 weeks we’ve been gone, nor this past week of our return, though the signs are everywhere.  It clouds up, darkens, even smells and feels like rain then off it goes to somewhere around us.  Fortunately it is raining around us but it’s like the “Watched pot that never boils”  we would ask you to continue to pray for much needed rains in our immediate area.


The good news is that neither Tim nor I really had head injuries or fractured skulls, see the picture,  it was all part of the incredible medical training we received from the Arise Medical Ministries group.  Carl and Gina Bottorf and their team, are all very qualified and highly skilled in their professions.  They took us through an intense 3 day Wilderness First Aid Course complete with test and hands on practical skills.  This training is expressly for emergency care in remote locations and was perfect for us.  Tim, Michael and I had the opportunity to take the course and have some good question and answer time for medical situations specific to things we face in Loiyangalani and our outlying area.  We are grateful for the Arise ministry, their teaching, time and supplies donated  for the medical work in our respective areas.

Many have asked how the cholera situation is, before we left the hospital was crowded with over 60 here in Loiy and more in El Molo (a town 8 miles away).  Doctors had been brought in to treat people and slow down the outbreak, and now that we have returned we are seeing isolated cases here and there.  We are thankful for many who were kept from the disease and those who were treated and have recovered.  One of our Christian ladies had 3 of her children sick at one time, which was a big strain on the family and we praise God, they are all well now.   But we also know some children and adults have passed away, and are sorry for those who have had several in their families taken by the disease.

It has been a year now since we started with the new adult literacy class and they are up to the letter “O”, slow but well worth all the effort.

We continue to have a good faithful group for morning devotions, and Tim is studying the Fundamentals of the Faith with our 4 believing men.

Please continue to pray for R as he visited our church the other Sunday and probably has some tough decisions before him.

Michael was so thankful for the emails and prayers for his ACTs from so many of you, some of the tests were a bit harder than he expected, so we’re all  waiting for the results.

We were also able to visit Robbie Teasdale at RVA, where Mike took the tests.   We look forward to Jim and Barb’s return from the states the first week of November.

Luke and Sherie will be visiting us in December and I know they would appreciate your prayers as they prepare and Luke takes his finals early.

Thank you for your concerns, partnership and prayers for our family and ministry here, may we be ever mindful of the privilege we have in serving Him.

Love, The Hinds