Carl Update 110409


Hi everyone,

I am sitting in my hotel room in Phoenix just putting the finishing touches on a paper for a grad class.  A few moments ago, I stepped out into the hall for a trip to the ice machine.  Lo and behold, a million dollar bill was waiting for somebody lucky! Actually it was a planted Gospel tract but it brought back memories of my last airport departure from Kathmandu.  I had been given a tract like this one some time ago and had been using it as a placeholder in my Bible.

When you depart KTM, the airport staff rifles through your carry-on belongings multiple times and more or less solicit bribes, though indirectly.  Well, they found my million dollar bill, took it out and inspected it carefully.  I told the sargeant that it was not real as we don’t have that denomination in circulation, but if he wanted it, he could keep it.  I knew that he didn’t get it as it slid quickly into his pocket.  I am not a tract person, but this was an opportunity begging to happen and we can only pray that it gets to someone who reads English.

In any event, the memory brought a smile to my face tonight and the yearn to get back to work in Nepal as soon as humanly possible.


~Carl for Arise Medical Missions