Carl Update 110509


Thanks for the information on the medical program – I’ll check it out.  The time that you spent with Renee in Africa was invaluable.  Not only did you give her some medical skills (she started 2 IV’s perfectly the first time last week!) but the confidence that you gave her in the approval of the job that she is doing was huge.  Thank you so much for caring enough to go the extra mile!  As I write, she is in Entebbe at the home of the AIM pilot that flew you all to Jinja.  The little boy with the cleft palate is having surgery there tomorrow and they are putting both she and Heidi up for a few days – it was music to this mothers ears to hear how they were welcoming her as a family member and feeding her macaroni and cheese and milkshakes for dinner!  It means so much to know that God is caring for our daughter in amazing ways through such wonderful people!!!!!

Thanks for all that you do!!

~Lauri for Arise Medical Missions (US)