Carl Update 111509

Hi Everyone,

We are coming home from Maine and I snapped this picture out of the window… well, not exactly.  Yes, Gina and I are coming home from teaching medical classes in mid-coastal Maine for about five days, but this photo was
taken while nearing my next destination, New York City.  I’ll be here for a day or two teaching corporate pilots how to use automatic external defibrillators in the event of in-flight emergencies.

While we were in Maine, we did teach about six to seven hours daily but did manage to get in a few good meals and a few long walks.  All in all, it was a good time for us both to reflect on this past year’s Arise ministry and
start to scope out what we’ll do and pray about doing in 2010. We also had the chance to grab a lunch on the go with someone from our sending church and spent an hour catching up.  Last night, we met with a nurse friend and discussed our plans to return to Mustang and the prayer that she’ll be able to join us there this coming Summer.

Well, I’m also struggling through two simultaneous graduate courses, thanks to the Air Force and have made the halfway point in the eight-week sessions. The efforts are costing me about 25 hours weekly, so I have to get going
back to the videos, books and internet articles.

Many blessings,

~Carl for Arise Medical Missions (US)