Carl Update 120609

Hi Everyone,

I want to pass along this encouraging testimony about how the Lord is working within the soldier ranks of Nepal.  As a result of the Tsunami disaster relief work that Arise undertook in Sri Lanka in 2007, we were able to work with the Military Christian Fellowship there. Most notably, we were able to participate by sending medical equipment to an Army hospital in exchange for allowing retired officers supportive access to minister in that place.

Sri Lankan brothers in arms also started to communicate with a few Believers that had retired from the Nepali and  British Army, living in Kathmandu and who desired to start a fellowship there.  I was asked to assist while we lived in Kathmandu and led devotions at many monthly meetings.  This note was just passed onto us this week and is a testimony to how faithful the ministry has been and that the Lord is really working through those willing to share the Word in difficult surroundings.  I just thought I’d share the blessing with all of you (I have not corrected the grammar or spelling for authenticity).

Dear Military Friends around the globe,

Greetings in the name of the Lord !

God is miraculously breaking the barriers and opening the doors inside the barrack. There has been lot of change since NMCF has started to pray for the Military and police in Nepal.

At least three fellowships have started: some formal and there are many informal fellowships. Jesus said when he was coming to Jerusalem: If you stop them to praise: the stones will start to shout the praises of Jesus the Lord ! So none can stop his Kingdom. The world will come to know this. I am forwarding a recent photo of those who accepted Christ and Pastor IXXXa is amongst them. Please continue to pray for NMCF and Pastor IXXX as his involvement with the fellowship and the Church. He is traveling to Nepalgunj on 10 of December and will be talking to new soldiers and encouraging them from the word of God. He will meet up with the commitee memebers as well.

We as a part AXXXXX Church have good foothold to extend God’s Kingdom in Nepal. Please pray for AXXXX Church as it is trying to be living witness in many areas.