Gina Update 121009

December 9, 2009

Tiger parodies flood the net

Tiger Woods’ personal life becomes the latest target of online musical and gaming pranksters.

Web pranksters and talk show hosts have mobilised to lampoon fallen sports idol Tiger Woods in the only way they know how – relentless parody clips, remixes, online games, jokes and greeting cards.

Woods’s marriage is on the rocks, his mother-in-law went to hospital and sponsors have already started abandoning him, but no amount of public humiliation will deter the online spoof makers from using his spectacular fall from grace for a cheap laugh.

And it’s not just pranksters cashing in – traffic to news websites has skyrocketed, with the Woods stories propping up the news cycle during the normally quiet holiday season.

A screen grab from the Tiger Woods Wife Outrun web game.
A screen grab from the Tiger Woods Wife Outrun web game.

“God bless Tiger,” Yahoo chief executive Carol Bartz told a conference this week, adding that all of the main Yahoo news sections got a “huge uplift” from the story.

“It is better than Michael Jackson dying; it is kind of hard to put an ad next to a funeral.”

Spoof YouTube songs

Among the many online Tiger clips is the Voicemail Slow Jam Remix, which adds a soul tune to the voicemail message one of Woods’s alleged mistresses claims he left on her phone.

The slow jam is listed on the Viral Video Chart for the last seven days at No.18, with more than 830,000 views.

Getting into the festive spirit, there is also a Christmas Song Parody clip, with the tune of It’s the most wonderful time of the year used under new lyrics (“He’s the most unfaithful guy of the year”).

To go along with the festive season, another prankster created an online Christmas greeting card featuring a Photoshopped picture of wife Elin Nordegren next to a battered and bruised Woods. Inside a message reads “Drive Safely!”

A clever US hip-hop radio station, B96, took the Black Eyed Peas hit I Gotta Feeling and created a new song, Tiger’s Been Cheatin’.


No less than three web games have been released, based on the early suggestions – now discredited – that the initial car accident that sparked the media interest in Woods was caused because he was running away from Nordegren.

In Tiger Woods Wife Outrun, Woods is in his black Cadillac Escalade with a mistress in the passenger seat and players must dodge road obstacles while being chased by a golf club-wielding character resembling Nordegren.

Hit too many obstacles and the Nordegren character runs to the front of the car and proceeds to bash Woods and the windscreen relentlessly with a driver.

Another web game, Golfer’s Getaway, follows the same premise but with slightly better graphics.

Tiger Parking Slam takes a slightly different bent, with players tasked with parking Woods’s car in increasingly difficult scenarios while dodging golf club swings from Nordegren.

Talk show hosts go nuts

Talk show hosts are having a field day, mining the still-unfolding controversy for all manner of sports, sex and sleaze gags to the delight of television audiences.

David Letterman was the one to watch this week, fresh from his own sex scandal but still prepared to go there.

“Boy it looks like that Tiger Woods is having some trouble, huh?” Letterman asked as an opener.

“I was thinking that if this thing had happened three months ago I’d have material for a year.”

He continued: “President Obama is sending troops to Afghanistan.

“Well hell, he ought to be sending them to Tiger Woods’s house.

“I wish [Woods] would stop calling me for advice.”

The restraint was delicious, followed up with “Letterman’s Top 10 Ways Tiger Can Improve His Image”, the highlights of which are reproduced here:

10. Crash a state dinner at the White House.

9. Change name to more adorable “Puppy”.

6. Instead of sweat shops in Asia, have Nike merchandise made in a sweat shop in the US.

4. Safely land golf cart in the Hudson River.

3. Release list of women he did not have sex with.

2. Find Osama Bin Laden.

1. Blame Letterman.

Comedian Jimmy Kimmel weighed in too, producing a survey of American children, while Saturday Night Live’s skit has spread like wildfire on YouTube.

Gina’s Thoughts

I decided to go ahead and post this because I think in reading this, it is truly an accurate reflection of where Americans sit these days as a collective body. This is a family that has been torn apart. I have to wonder what type of people find pleasure in seeing innocent lives destroyed and this case, the not so innocent too? I think most of us, Christians alike are easily able to fall into such a situation if they haven’t already in the past. Still, the jokes, games, cartoons continue on without missing a beat. Just think, if the American public would stop driving the media response on this, there might actually be a chance for his family to be restored. The truth is that it is no one other than American public who elected to turn Tiger Woods into a god to begin with. Instead, we now see him at a point of brokenness and destruction which is what life looks like for each one of us apart from a loving Savior. It is my hope and prayer that this family will be permitted to heal and that God’s presence will be revealed in all of this. After all, he really hasn’t done anything that is worse than the sins that we’ve committed in our own lives repeatedly. Fortunately for us, our lives do not warrant “movie-star” level attention. Sorry guys but it had to be said… please pray for peace in this situation and that God would be glorified in days to come.

In Him alone,