Carl Update 122509

Hi Everyone,

Well, the house is full now.  Last night, Genet arrived after an ten hour detour from Ft. Bragg to pick up Dikchhya at Pensacola and then drove another eight hours the next day to our house in Sarasota.  Lhakpa was supposed to go to New York for her school break and visit family, but on Saturday, her flight was cancelled due to the east coast blizzard and we were concerned that her rescheduled flight and the Christmas seasonal travel would have stranded her in Atlanta. Therefore, we had Genet collect her also and so both landed here for the first night. Lhakpa has since made her way to New York and is alive and well. Genet made the airport run yesterday morning to drop off Lhakpa and she had a bit of company!  We are happy, and exhausted, to have a full house this season, and we’re only starting.

We are starting the final planning in earnest for the next mission assignment in Kenya, now just a couple of weeks away.  Praise God, the travel arrangements seem to have come together.  Ty, Mary and I will go to Nairobi and teach for SIM; then Ty goes to Cameroon to assess a future project while Mary and I have a meeting with our AIM-AIR ministry partners before boarding a plane to meet the rest of our team in Jinja, Uganda.  We are planning to work with a childrens ministry there and add here and there where we are able.

OK, I have to go.  There is lots to do today and breakfast is over for me.  Have a blessed day and Christmas Season and thank you for your continued prayers. We are ever grateful for all that God has done for Arise this year and thank God for each one of you.

Blessings in Christ Jesus,

~Carl for Arise Medical Missions (US)