Carl Update 122809

Dear Friends,

Due to grace of God we have had nice Year 2009.  All four of us Tirzah, Namrata, Yam Devi and Padam are thankful to God for the blessings and peace He has given in our lives during the year.  We would like to thank you all and other friends for your continuous prayer for our family, Nepali Christians and also the country as a whole.

Let us wish you and your relatives Merry Christmas and   Happy New Year 2010!  May God give you  all joy and peace!

We have attached herewith two recent Photographs for updating you about our family.

Yours sincerely,

Padam, Yam Devi, Namrata and Tirzah Pokharel

Yam is one of our most appreciated ministry partners in Nepal. She is faithful and attentive to the needs of the Nepalese people. It seemed fitting to share these pictures and update since so many of you know her personally.

~Carl for Arise Medical Missions (US)