Carl Update 123109

Hi Everyone

My friend is a faithful servant of a group gathering in Budapest, Romania.  Together with his wife and son, they minister in the inner-city just blocks from several large Gypsy slums, most notably with children.  Last March, we were able to partner with them in bringing several healthcare initiatives to Romania in support of their ministry.  If you think of it, take a moment and pray for their ministry there.  I have visited there myself and know them to be totally dedicated to bringing the Lxxd  to people in some really hard situations.  I do think back on this year in ministry and while I am personally sad at times about not being in the mission field in Nepal, I can see how God has allowed me to make new friends on three continents and given Arise additional opportunities to serve in unimaginable ways.

~Carl for Arise Medical Missions (US)

Christ is Born!
God did not send His Son for us to have “Happy Holidays” at the end of every year, because what is Christmas without Chxxst?
God sent His only Son so that by accepting Him as our Lxxd and Savior to have not only a celebration, but a life of celebration!

May that His coming fill your hearts with the joy of the One that was born to die and believing in Him to live forever!

Christ was born!

“Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!” (2 Cor.9:15)

Flxxxn, Clxxdia şi Dxsid