Carl Update 011110

Well, all 9 containers are filled with supplies, our bags are packed, i-pods charged, passports checked and tickets printed.  I think all that is left is to try to get a night’s sleep and say goodbye to the amazing men in my life (my husband and 2 sons), hug the dogs and give my horse a carrot.  Tomorrow morning, Eileen and I leave for AFRICA!!!  On Tuesday night (about 3PM here) I will be hugging my daughter, Renee for the first time since June.  We will be joined on Thursday by the Arise Team and have the privilege of serving the people in the community of Masese along with Carl and Mary  for one week (Eileen and I will be staying through the first part of February).  I can hardly wait to see how the Lord will use our time to show His amazing love to the beautiful people of Uganda!

THANK YOU for all your prayers!!

~Lauri (traveling with Arise)