Carl Update 011210

Hooked up with Ty and Mary at the departure gate for Nairobi… flight was two hours late due to de-icing in Detroit.  All is well and will advise on arrival tonight in Nairobi. Being met by “Claire” from xxxxx XXX at airport.

~Carl for Arise Medical Missions (Amsterdam)

Hi Everyone,
This is a picture of my start off to Kenya.  The first transfer is Detroit and as you can see, snow.  It was cold too in Florida when I left.  Getting into the shuttle that picked me up, I slipped on the ice left by the automatic lawn sprinklers in the road.

At last check, Ty, Lauri, Eileen and Mary who are leaving from Washington  are planning to meet for dinner and then board their respective flights….Lauri and Eileen will go London to Uganda and I’ll meet up with Ty and Mary in Amsterdam for the final leg to Kenya.

There in Kenya, we’ll be teaching a day-long seminar on trauma management and then make our way to Uganda late in the week.  Ty has a side trip planned to Cameroon on a hospital-based project.

God is good and the airport monitors still show my departure as “on time.”. So, that’s all for now.

Carl for Arise Medical Missions (Detroit)

PS.  The dots in the picture were on the airport window and it’s not your eyes.