Haiti Update 011410

Several people have contacted Arise to find out what we are doing about the earthquake devastation in Haiti? Currently, the State Dept. is asking people to stay put for now. “Today is the day to send your funds and connect with groups that can use your hands in the future.”  The main issues right now stem around basic shelter, food, water, and medical care. These are huge but there is no additional support available in country for an influx of helpers. There is also no evidence of security right now. The population is in total shock. They have no communication capability with more than 30 aftershocks thus far. Even without an earthquake, Haiti has a severe problem. The situation is described as hysteria right now. Initial assessments say that the slums have actually fared well but it’s the expensive infrastructure that has collapsed. There are no medical supplies for basic emergency medical aid available currently. Aid and rescue teams are beginning to arrive from around the world, even from China. The USS Carl Vincent (medical ship) is due to arrive today with the first wave of 2000 Marines. The number one problem is that there is no water so thirsty people are going to die. Hence, in sharing this with you, it is obvious that Arise currently is not planning to go to Haiti just yet. We will wait for God to present us with his desire for Haiti and our involvement and then act on that. Thank you for your calls and desire to help. I’m sure that there will be more to post in the future. Keep praying for this devestating situation.

~Gina for Arise Medical Missions (US)