Lauri Update 011410

Subject: We’re here!

Greetings from Africa!!!!  Before we even arrived in Jinja last night I was remembering how much I love it here… there is a totally different freedom from the pressures and protocol that we deal with daily in America (and the kids are sooooo cute!)  Renee met us at the airport with hugs and a child on each hip!  After an emotional greeting I spent a long time waiting to file a baggage claim for the 1 box of the 9 that didn’t make it then loaded our supplies in one van and all of us with the babies in another and headed for Jinja and home!

Arriving at Renee’s house seemed like a de ja vu experience even though we have never been here!  We have poured over so many pictures and videos that it felt like home right away and we were ready to climb in bed by 3am.  At 6 we were awakened by tomorrows dinner (I hope they get the rooster first….) and soon afterwards a parade of beautiful Ugandan Children that were like family from my dreams of being in Uganda.  Getting to hug and talk to little Faith, get acquainted with Christina and her brother, hold the angelic Selah, marvel over the wise tiny Nusula, see the amazing progress on Chakools head and meet Rita, Rachel and several others was absolutely wonderful. I can already tell that I will have a hard time making Eileen come home with me – she is definitely smitten!

We spent the morning unpacking all the wonderful gifts that so many of you had sent for Renee.  She now has more granola bars than will fit on the pantry shelf, sheets for all the beds, a library of books, enough chocolate chips to make cookies for the whole town and the snazziest kitchen in Jinja – thank you all for your help!  Renee is in the process of applying for an NGO (non government organization) which will allow her to continue her long-term ministry here and I was able to help Peter, the young man doing all the paperwork for this project, work on the portfolio to present to the committee.  It was fun to take Piki’s into Jinja and take the girls around town for the first time – bought phones and coffee (thanks Heidi for the Starbucks!).  It’s starting to sink in that we will be here for a while.  A real bittersweet emotion as I am so thrilled to be here and spend time with Renee but cannot comprehend that I will be so far away from Marcus and the boys – the world is a big place but thankfully made slightly smaller by cell phones.

Carl and Mary will arrive tomorrow after teaching a medical training program for a large group of Missionaries from Sudan.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support for Eileen and I as well as Renee and her amazing ministry and children!

Serving His Children from UGANDA!!