Carl Update 011510

Hi Everyone,

Writing to you all from an internet cafe in Nairobi, Kenya.  Mary and I are waiting for a taxi to get us and take us to the airport for onward travels to Uganda where tonight we’ll stay with mixxionary pilot, Ron on our way to Jinga, on Lake Victoria.  Ty is leaving tomorrow enroute transcontinally to the country of Cameroon.  Our first task here went well, in training the mixxionaries that work for SXM inside of Sudan.  They are here in Nairobi for their annual conference and report that despite the political conditions in the Sudan being akin to a tinderbox ready to explode in war again, they are all eager to get back there and minister.  The stories of the evil that they face are absolutely amazing.  The training that was conducted here for them was well recieved and we’ve attached a few photos for your prayer for these brothers and sisters.

Carl, Mary, and Ty for Arise Medical Missions (Nairobi, Kenya)