Carl Update 012210

Hi Everyone,

I don’t know if you remember, but a few months ago, we placed a photo of Chakool in the blog.  This lad suffers from a variety of medical problems and was clearly marked for death by the local hospitals and clinics in Jinja.  In that photo, he couldn’t, do much more than cry and sit up with a little help.  Thanks be to God, it was not his plan, for Chakool!  Renee, his caretaker remained faithful and full of hope.

Yes, he still has a rotten hole in the side of this head, but it is much smaller and doesn’t smell bad now.  He has gained weight, coos, and even walks.  Clearly, there is somebody in there!  For the last few days of my visit, he followed me around everywhere.  Never a problem, just very curious.  Chakool wanted me to tell you thanks for all of your prayers!

~Carl for Arise Medical Missions