Lauri Update 012310


The children here get fatter and healthier every day!  Chakool has finally completely hidden his skull from eyesight and has only about ½ inch of skin to grow before he will be completely healed!  Renee visited the hospital 3 weeks ago where he had stayed back in October when the IV drip caused the tissue on his head to disintegrate exposing a large portion of his skull. The nurse there recognized Renee and came to greet her.  She asked how all her children were doing and then said how sorry she was about “that small one”, how sad that he had died.  When Renee said that no, he was alive and a very happy boy she was amazed!  The doctors had told her that there was no hope, that he would just go home and die.  How great is the power of our God!!

We spent the afternoon inventorying all the medicine stored in Renee’s medicine chest.  She has been blessed with large donations from groups in America as well as a local generous benefactor who owns a pharmaceutical company in Kampala and is willing to help!  We are getting things organized to start weekly medical clinics here in just 2 weeks.  God has provided us with a wonderful nurse who is willing to work here on Wed. mornings to see people from the community.  She is a delightful woman with a kind manner and a lot of experience – we are so excited to be working with her and offer this service to the community here!

We took a young mother and her 1 year old daughter, Patience, to the clinic this morning for a possible blood transfusion.  The technician checked her blood levels and we were pleased to hear that she would not need the transfusion, especially since there is no blood available.  In Uganda all blood transfusions are free but blood cannot be sold or bought.  Because of this, an individual cannot donate blood even to save a life because it would be possible that they might be paid to donate and break the law.   Here in Africa, it is one life at a time, one word of encouragement and one small accomplishment that must satisfy our efforts.  However, through God’s eyes, I believe that these dusty streets filled with potholes are paved with gold and the people who travel them are His precious children!

Remember the sick child that Carl and Mary spent Sunday morning pushing an IV drip to rehydrate a small boy?  The child was so listless that he could hardly hold his head up.  He came by the house this evening laughing and crawling after the other children – thanks Arise and Carl and Mary  for allowing God to use your talents in such a wonderful way!!!

Good news!  Serving His Children is now an official CBO (Community Based Organization)!  We received the official certificate today – the application process began only about 2 weeks ago, I believe a record time for anything like that to happen here – PRAISE THE LORD!!  We are now in the process of applying for an NGO (Non Government Organization) a little bit of a bigger deal and will allow us to continue to operate as a legal organization and permit Renee to get a work visa to stay here full time.  As Peter laid out the upcoming process with all its possible ins and outs, it was enough to make my head spin until I remembered who we really work for and who is really in charge – even here in Africa!  Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path…. and even the paths of government officials in a foreign land!

I am loving being a JaJa (Luganda for Grandma)!  I had JaJa duty last night and got to sleep (well at least for part of the night!) with Selah so that Renee could get a full nights sleep.  Mom, I’m starting to pay back for all those little things you have done for me so many times and I love it!!  I wish that Africa was a little closer but it’s worth the trip!

Have a wonderful Sunday!