Dana Update 012510

Carl / Gina,

Caleb’s teacher asked her 4th grade class if they understood what was going on in Haiti.  Caleb anxiously raised his hand.  When called on, he said, “I think we should give the $100 we earned for our class [collecting can tabs last year] to Haiti.”  The class voted on it and quickly agreed.

They proceeded to make Caleb the chairperson of a bake-sale fundraiser for Haiti.  They held a bake-sale about a week later (last Saturday).  In Maine winter cold, in front of a small town grocery, Caleb joined his classmates at a table with donated baked goods.  In 4 hours they raised over $400 with donations continuing to come it.  They sold everything.

Our altruistic 9 year old braved a few hours of zero degree temperatures, along with his classmates, to help make the event a success.

As usual, Angela and I are very proud of our son.  We hope and pray that God will continue to grow the missionary seed that has been planted in Caleb’s life.

If you feel led to donate to Caleb’s 4th Grade Haiti Project, please don’t hesitate to contact Gina and she will provide you with all of the pertinent details. Great job Caleb, we’re really proud of you for wanting to make a difference when it comes to helping others who are in need.

Go Caleb go… go Angela and Dana go…

~Gina and Carl for Arise Medical Missions (US)