Dana Update 013010

Titled “When God Says Slow Down”

Carl / Gina,

The bad news…  I herniated a disc yesterday morning.

The good new… We are in Bangor and there’s a doc that took me in.  He took x-rays, which show minimal curvature in my lower spine, causing a compressed disc.  There’s been a long term nagging discomfort in my right hip that I’ve just learned to live with, the compressed nerve appears to be the cause.  So, I guess this is good that is was discovered and that there’s a good doc down here.  He saw me on short notice yesterday, then again this morning (yeah, a Saturday), and he’s going to treat me again on Monday.

Though I’m feeling loads better than yesterday AM, I’m still in quite a bit of pain (which seems to be alleviated by getting in just the right position).

I praise God that he answered my prayer yesterday.  When it happened, I could hardly move.  A numbness ran down my right leg, and my hip was in excruciating pain.  No matter what, I just could not get in a position that would give me any relief.  I could only think, if I can be in this much pain right here on earth, what would hell be like.  I just kept praying that God would help me find a position that would give me some relief – and He did.

Doc says I’ll be back to 100% in a week or so.  He believes he can provide some long term solutions to prevent future injury.  He also noted that my back looks great other than the lower curve.  Pray that God will give him wisdom – his name is Dan (also pray that God would open up the opportunity to share with him).  He seems genuinely compassionate in nature and very soft spirited.

Some blessings and praisings:
1. Angela has been like an Angel – she’s never complained about helping me – and I’ve needed help with everything (getting clothes on, getting out of bed, getting a drink… everything).
2. The kiddos have been great, I think Aaron understands that I’m in pain and that he can’t jump on me like usual.
3. Until about 6 hours ago I’ve needed to continue with Vitamin I (Ibuprofen) and finally I’m in a tolerable position and minimal pain and don’t feel like I need to keep taking pain killer.
4. Michelle has been very hospitable with her house for us for the weekend.

Chat Soon!  God Bless!

Dana Morrison

Communications Director
Arise Medical Missions