Genet Update 020110

Thanks Mom for my morning devo ūüėČ I am tired/hungry but I am glad to be here helping out. It’s a different experience compared to the Middle East. Look forward to helping out and making a difference even with monitoring C-130s and C-17s…..herding/accounting for a bunch of people. Austin would love it out here…the choppers and the military planes are all over us…..within like 50 feet, no joke. At times, they can be a bit loud but it’s okay I’m used to it… can sleep through anything when you’re TIRED ūüėČ Well, let me get back to work, love you! – Genet (Haiti)

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From: Angelina Leve <>

Date: Sunday, January 31, 2010 12:53 pm

Subject: Morning

To: Genet in Haiti

Hey Miss,

A little message from Mom’s devotional.

‚ÄúServe the Lord with gladness; come before his presence with¬†singing‚ÄĚ (Psalm 100:2).

This is what your next few months should be looking like to the¬†people who are there serving alongside of you…. visible joy,

deep satisfaction with how things have turned out. It is bracing and good for the soul to be around saints of God who have no

regrets and gladness of heart. True Jesus Freaks experience their¬†share of hardship, discouragement, opposition, sickness, loss,¬†frustration, loneliness, physical suffering and spiritual warfare.¬†But they do not dwell on these matters. They speak with excitement¬†of seeing God at work changing hearts, lives, families, villages¬†and whole tribes by the power of the Gospel. They have ‚Äúcounted it¬†all joy‚ÄĚ for the sake of serving Christ. And each morning they¬†eagerly pray that God might grant further victories for the Gospel¬†around the world. It is inspiring and humbling to be around them.¬†The world barely knows they are here. In heaven their names are¬†written in gold.¬†Get committed and ask God for help for “no grumbling” and “no¬†questioning” no matter how difficult things are. You know… I’ve¬†been praying for an experience like this in your life. One that¬†will speak to your heart and cause you to look to God as the¬†director of everything in your life once and for all. I’m praying¬†that returning to Haiti will renew your love for the mission field¬†and for the countless thousands who have so much less than you.¬†Barb and Patrick’s lives have been nearly destroyed. Still, both¬†only speak strongly as to God’s faithfulness and goodness. Wow…¬†would that be Momma and Genet if given the same situation.

xoxo Kisses, xoxo MOM