Carl Update 020310

This is not the best photo of Genet taken this past Friday while waiting to board a flight to Haiti. She thinks she’ll be there for about three months assisting with accounting for all kinds of personnel movements into and out of the country.  It is a moment to be proud of when your child volunteers their service twice over.  Genet has now been home for six months since serving in the Middle East for over a year.  Jesus is the ultimate example in this for all of us to be sure.

We did get a call from her on Sunday, arriving safe and sound and already having worked twenty hours or so.  I believe she is assigned to an Air Force unit and is already liking how the “other half” lives and operates. OK, the moments of prideful sharing are over but do remember our daughter in Haiti, others serving, and the earthquake victims there.  Pray that all may come to the realization of the presence of God in the process.

~Carl for Arise Medical Missions (US)