Danny Update 020310


I wanted to let you know that the Lord has used Arise to help funnel resources to Haiti.  I am personally very humbled and blessed to have been involved in connecting the dots between two ministries that both desire to serve in Haiti.  I got involved with Arise back in the fall of 2004 with the desire to acquire surplus medical equipment and supplies and redeploy them to the mission field.  Since that time, my efforts in this portion of the ministry have diminished but have increased with regard to my role as treasurer.  Last Saturday, I received a call from my former home church in Sarasota FL (prior to my recent move to NC), asking for help in obtaining supplies to use in their relief efforts in Haiti.  Given my involvement in TECH (Technical Exchange for Christian Healthcare), I sent out a request to all of the members asking for help.  Well, so far, I haven’t received any offer of supplies, but apparently the Lord had another plan, because one of the organizations that I know very well, has nurse and a Haitian general surgeon that is licensed in both Haiti and the US that wants to go to Haiti, but was unsure of how to do this effectively and appropriately.  I was able to connect them with the church that is facilitating relief missions into Haiti right now and they are scheduled to go with them next Tuesday (2/9/2010).  I know all of the teams from this church would appreciate the prayers of everyone that follows the Arise Blog!

~Danny for Arise Medical Missions (US)