Carl Update 021010 2133

In the bandana…..Air Force Retiree, and Pastor of CC Kearny, NJ.  You can also see Chris, and Rocco.  This is our evening Mens Bible Study…awesome Puerto Rican brother. He departs Thursday for the States following life at Camp Calvary.  In the background rests the remnants of a collapsed hospital.  In the hearing background, there is the drone of a C-130 Hercules transport plane passing over.  In the circle, is the singing of old hymns in Hatian.

We, the American men, are trying to lead by example in teaching our less-motivated Haitian brothers as much as we can about sweat labor, working like dogs, and not complaining. Much of the time, we are working alone with an occasional helper or two for a few minutes at a time.  Our spirits have been high, we are desperately trying to stay hydrated, and yes, eating beans and rice once a day and a single MRE, compliments of the Lord’s provision!

Until we communicate again,

~Carl (for Chris too!) on behalf of Arise Medical Missions (Haiti)