Carl Update 021110

In preparation for the D.I.R.T. group that is due in directly.

Awesome visit with Genet and Wilma!  The last time that we all stood on this field, we were coming to serve with Patrick and Barbara’s Hatian ministry  in 2003!

This man was dug out from the rubble. Please keep him in your prayers. His face speaks volumes.

Chris works on the leg brace for one of the four to five wheelchair-bound girls at Camp Calvary. Their house was destroyed in the earthquake.

Chris has been the camp chauffeur braving a food trip to the market for the refugees, nurses to the hospital across town, and me to visit Genet at the airport…..oh yeah, a flat tire to boot!

We depart with heavy but satisfied hearts that God is alive and working here in Haiti.  So, tomorrow, we make the ardous journey by land through the Hatian-Dominican border to Santo Domingo, and plane rides home! Keep us in your prayers… it’s an eight hour passage by car.

Wilma, also in our car now sends a huge hello to Gina and sends the message that Genet looks great.

~Carl for Arise medical Missions (Haiti)