Renee Update 021810

Here’s the latest blog post from Renee.  It’s exciting to see how God is pulling things together to make His plan work!! Hope to see many of you on the 24th! – Lauri -Renee’s Mom


Today I write you with an excited heart! Some of you may have heard mumblings through Brigitte’s blog, or updates from my Mom about a “pilot program” for the new Malnutrition Rehab Center, and I would just like to say that it’s true! Just yesterday we got the last of our paperwork signed by the government, and can now begin to put things into place.

We will be running a 3 month pilot program to “test out” our ideas, and see what works and what doesn’t. We’ll not only be keeping the child and bring him or her back to health, but we’ll be working heavily with the child’s family as well-It’s going to be a lot more work then situations in the past when we were just keeping, and treating a malnourished child (Chakool, Faith, ect.). The goal is that during the child’s treatment time the entire family will be actively involved in their recovery! We want to attempt to nip malnutrition in the bud. One of the main causes: simply not knowing how to care for your child in a healthy way. So, while the child is here with us, we are requiring that the Mother or guardian come for one overnight a week to assist in the care of their child, learn about nutrition, help do things here to give back so they are not just receiving a free hand out, and take a health class provided by a local church. The ultimate goal is that one day we will have housing for the Mothers to stay here full time with their child, but as of right now we’ll just be putting mattresses on the floor. We may have the opportunity to rent the house next door which would be a total blessing! We actually have a gate on the back side of our compound that goes into theirs…was it meant to be or what? funny how God works.

So, here we go…today we picked up one little boy, and by Saturday we should have 2 more! We only want to take a few children for this test run, so we’re keeping it small. We want to get a good feel for everything now, so that by summer we will be able to run in full swing with hopefully 10 or more. Yes, 10 children is not a lot, but the kinds of children that will be admitted into our program are very sick and require around the clock care. And when I say around the clock, I mean all the way around the clock.

Well, I’m gunna try my best to keep you updated on the kids throughout these next 3 months; I want you to come along on this journey with us!

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