Gina Update 031310

Hi Everyone,

I’m writing from a mission’s conference in Lady Lake, Florida where I am currently sharing at Chapel of All Faiths. Talk about a flurry of emotions which is forcing me to lean on God now more than ever, which is always a good thing. Here’s how my day started which is akin to most days in Gina’s life story.

1) Up early to clean the house even though it’s a Saturday.

2) Jump in the car at 0715 to take Getenet for another round of SAT testing which ended-up being 20 miles round trip.

3) Praying for one last and final good-bye from Carl for the next 7-10 days. He’s been gone for almost a week and I’ve been able to have some very short phone calls with him that were about 2 seconds in length. He promised that he would call me before he left for the field and I was sooooo fearful that we wouldn’t get to talk. If you think about it… please pray for Carl this week as he has it really rough. I will not be allowed to have any contact with him from here on out and he can only be contacted in the event of a family member’s death or critical injury by way of the Red Cross. That’s serious. As you can imagine, I’m less than happy about Carl putting his body, mind, and spirit through this at 49 years of age, but yet he feels as if it is God-directed that he is there. Yikes… how does a wife stand up to that. He says that he plans to use the training for the mission field as part of our disaster training. Hmmm… I hope that I live to see it. OK, so it was a quick good-bye and I love you forever during our two-minute phone call and a promise to pray for him without ceasing which I’m currently doing now. One of the parts of the training involves evasion and capture as a simulated prisoner of war. It’s classified so none of us can ever be told what goes on but I know enough about it to know that it’s beyond hard. Carl said, “This is great… I get to spend time alone with God.” That’s wonderful but I think there are probably easier ways to spend time with God but then again… maybe there isn’t. No food, no sleep, and mock capture… need I say more.

Now, where were we?!?

4) Then onto the dance class for two hours of dance… got to burn those calories.

5) Oh, I forgot to mention having taken Austin to the library too during all of this.

6) Finish dance class and pick up Getenet from SAT testing, only to head home for a quick shower, two loads of laundry, and then onto the mission’s conference.

7) Sitting in stand-still traffic on I-75 for 2 hours due to a vehicle crash. Yikes… I’m going to be late. Praying and asking God… “Why do I have to be late God? I really need to be on time.”

So long story short, I was late and I was actually ok with being late because by then, I had spoken to God quietly enough to hear him say, “I know that you’re late and it’s ok and I’ll take care of it and by the way, could you stop turning this into a crisis and just trust me for everything Gina.”

Cool things about being late.

1) Missed desert at the church supper because I missed the  church supper. That means that all that hard work at the YMCA today might actually pay off.

2) Soooooooo nervous about having to speak at the mission’s conference about what Carl has been doing this past year in ministry and come to find out.. because Arise starts with an “A” I would have had to speak first in front of the whole church. Oh… thank you God for permitting me to be late, which allowed me to speak last in front of the whole church, affording me time to calm down and not have a small nervous breakdown.

Now time for bed and moving the clock ahead an hour. God is sooooooooo good because someone said that we are the strangest couple they’ve ever had at their church… he did clarify “strange” in a good way. We’re strange because Carl is still in the military and I work full-time for a strictly secular organization and yet, we both work hard at trying to keep this ministry going with quite a few faithful ministry partners that hold us up and keep us pasted together. Wow! Gina and Carl are moving closer with each passing day to the mission field full-time again and we just can’t wait… CAN’T WAIT.

Bedtime conversation in my head with God right now… “Lord, I know that you got me through tonight but what about tomorrow morning?” The truth is that the Christian walk is one of constant faith and returning to God’s presence for strength, and mercy, and grace in no specific order. I cast my cares towards God over and over again and he keeps answering over and over again. It really is a beautiful picture… not trying to carry every burden on my own which wouldn’t be of much help anyway. It’s so much easier believing that God will show up immediately if I should dare to invite him. How about you? Have you been inviting God into your life so he can show up immediately?

~Gina for Arise Medical Missions (Lady Lake, FL)