Gina Update 033110

Reading Isaiah 3 today for devotions. Yikes! There was a problem among the women of Judah. They were proud. They were taken with themselves and this proud heart was the basis of the rest of their sin. In contrast, women of God are to esteem others as better than themselves.

The women of Judah were sexually proud and promiscuous. There was shameless flirting vs. being discreet and chaste. The bottom line is that they were obsessed with finery, luxury, accessories… way too much eye candy.

In 1992, an article in the Los Angeles Times talked about how a particular woman feared the day that her husband would discover her secret stash of credit cards, a post box, and other tactics to buy the desires of her heart. Sounds like much hasn’t changed since 1992.

1 Peter 3 says women of God are to be of the heart with a quiet spirit which is very precious to God. Is that what someone would say when they look at you? If not… why not take this recommendation? Don’t take any less time than you are taking now to make yourself attractive  but just balance it out with time spent with the Lord. That’s a great starting point and well worth doing.

You see, their obsessions made the daughters of Zion ripe for judgement. Friends, because of your role in society it’s all the more important that women of God live and think like women of God. It’s terrible when men of God become degenerate but it’s beyond words when the women of a culture become degenerate. Then hope for the next generation is gone. However, when they turn from their ways then there is great hope for the future. Godly women raising up a Godly heritage for the Lord makes people say, “Thank you Jesus.”

The Lord cannot endure extravagance and that’s simply a fact. God can quickly take it all away so why not just honor God with what we have instead of indulging ourselves.


~Gina for Arise Medical Missions (US)

Reference Citation: Enduring Word Media / Bible Gateway