Carl Update 041210

Hi Everyone,

Stick your neck out is something that many of us have trouble doing from time to time, but praise God, there are a few that just boldly go and do what they know needs to be done.  Not worried about themselves, not walking about blindly, but rather totally trusting the Lord to be there with them through the experience.  I think that this was one of those days for a partner of ours in ministry in northern Africa.

We trained Jeff, a quiet and reserved man about three years ago in first aid and wilderness medicine five hundred miles north of Nairobi, and near to where he lives and serves.  What appears below is a message received by Gina this past Sunday from Jeff’s wife.  Many of you also know that AIM is also a frequent partner whom we work with from time to time as well.

Now, is Jeff a medical person?  No. Is he an evangelist? No.  What does he do?  Well, he and his wife run a children’s home sitting on a mountain in Gatab… and, of course, there’s his will to stick his neck out and totally trust in the Lord’s shield of protection and plan.  Can you (or even myself) say that we could just go like Jeff?  I am blessed to have been permitted to have partners like him, and the AIM aviators.  Ok, well, since we didn’t go this time around, how about we pray for those that did and for the unnamed injured person that was rescued too.

~Carl for Arise Medical Missions (US)

Here is an update of a crisis situation which took place today.  We thank those of you who have already been praying.

Prayer Request:

Please be in prayer for an AIM mixxionary family who work in the north here.  Today the wife was shot and injured along the road they were traveling on.  She is in stable but serious condition.

The short version of the story is we got a call this morning and Jeff was able to fly and land near their location on the road.  There were no airstrips in the vicinity (except several miles back through where the shooting occurred).

He transferred the family to a place with an airstrip, where another faster AIM Air plane + doctor flew to from Nairobi and were waiting.  That plane has landed in Nairobi and the wife is being transported to the hospital.  Jeff is flying to Nairobi at this time as well with one of the sons and another pilot.

~We praise God already for the countless number of people He has mobilized and used in this situation.

~We praise Him for His care for the mixxionary as well as her husband and giving him the ability to act quickly, calmly and efficiently in helping her as well as helping to get the airplane safely on the ground.

~We praise Him as well for the safety and wisdom given as extreme care and precaution in a timely manner were needed for the many decisions and logistics in this emergency situation.

~We will give more details when we can, but wanted to get this request out for you to be praying.

Thank you so much!