Carl Update 042610

Hi Everyone,

We’ve had a great weekend ending in some quiet time while catching up on e-mails after a day out of the house at church and walking on the beach, etc.  The keyboards of my computers and Gina’s are clicking away as we pine away the final hours of Sunday night in the living room.

Some of you know that while at survival school in early March, I was injured in the mountains between Canada, Washington, and Idaho.  About eleven days ago, I became the proud recipient of my sixth abdominal hernia repair and a belly of brand new mesh.  The short version of the story was the thirty pound pack and carrying load was actually more like seventy pounds and better served by thirty year olds.  Then there was the steep hills and the ice, and then there were the previous five hernia repairs; I’m sure you can figure out the rest of the story, right?  The recovery is going well but the surgeon was clear that lifestyle changes are in the making for me in the future, like lifting far less loads and no more sit-ups.  I’ll be going back to MacDill Air Force Base, in Tampa, until medically cleared starting in about two weeks and in the meantime, we are busy scheduling upcoming ministry activities.

Last weekend, Mary was supposed to be in Germany for a meeting with a team going to Mustang next Summer, but when the volcano in Iceland cancelled all European flights, she and her husband, my friend Chris, came south for a weekend of fellowship.  We ate, talked, ate some more and talked some more too!  It was a great time to say the least and in one of the conversations, Chris mentioned the earthquake in Tibet.  I didn’t know anything about it, since that had been a hard week of recovery from surgery.  The location is not more than one hundred miles from where we work in Mustang.  I saw this clip on Al Jazeera that reports on the recovery efforts.  Mind you that this is a very closed area to the west, but the Tibetan Buddhist culture is nearly identical on both sides of the border.  Take a look and see how Satan has firmly covered the eyes of the inhabitants.  God created them too, just like you and me.  It is sad to see their hopelessness in such a remote place.

As we prepare and plan for our upcoming Arise Projects, our enemy doesn’t stay idle in our midst either. Still, we continue to move in the direction of our long and anticipated return to the mission field abroad on a full-time basis.


Carl for both of us.