Carl Update 051210

Great news thanks to God’s Grace… Austin and I made it back late last night. Between train stations, ash clouds and various delays… we did it. Austin has already been to school this morning and we’re hoping he will be able to catch up over these next few days since school will be done for the summer in just a couple of weeks. We really had a great time of fellowship together and we both needed it. As for me… Gina says to ask for you to keep me in your prayers as for some reason, something still doesn’t feel just right with my gut. No pain, but just a slight sensation that feels “weak” still. I’m sure they will say that my body needs time to heal but Gina and I are slightly hesitant to write this off since I’m well familiar with hernia-related symptoms. Time will tell and it’s ok if I have to walk around like this for now since it’s so much better. Now, we have two weeks until graduation with two sons at once. Lots going on but we’re looking forward to pressing onward.

~Carl for Arise Medical Missions