Gina Update 051610

Last night, we had the pleasure of meeting a couple of our dearest friends up in St. Petersburg for dinner and then we all worked our way over to Calvary Chapel St. Pete. As always, this was more than worth the energy it took to drive an hour plus away from home.

Right now, Pastor Danny is teaching on the book of Galatians and I’ve been following his study in my daily devotions. Galatians isn’t one of the books of the Bible that I regularly frequent but it has been good  for me to re-visit this area of God’s word and the Pastor’s explanations have brought the book to life in my eyes.

I’m hoping to be able to do a little work today and try to get a handle on the week to come. Next weekend, Carl and I will be in Pensacola attending Dikchhya’s graduation and helping her and Lhakpa both prepare for their return to Nepal the following Monday. Lhakpa was accepted to the PCC Nursing Program last week and she was beyond ecstatic which means she will be returning to the school in late August.

Thank you for the prayers that you have afforded both girls over the last two years. I’m rather certain that it led to their current success and will lay ground towards their future. Their life stories have yet to be written but I believe that God has clearly allowed them both firm footing in his Word and now it is up to them entirely to see what they do with that. If my memory serves me correctly, Dikchhya already has a plan to leave for India soon after her return to Nepal.

Other than that, Happy Sunday and may God bless the remainder of your days with joy and thanksgiving in all things.

~Gina for Arise Medical Missions (US)