Dikchhya and Lhakpa Update 032610

I wanted to let you know that Carl and I had a moving weekend in Pensacola as we watched Dikchhya graduate from high school at Pensacola Christian Academy. It was very touching indeed and many tears were shed on everyone’s behalf. I was really proud of both of the girls for several reasons.

1) Academically, their grades were worlds apart, but behaviorally, they left a gleaming impact on Arise as a result of their testimony.

2) I think it’s important to state that the school never once called to report that Dikchhya was in trouble or needed redirection formally. In fact, she was able to stay under the bar of warnings and demerits which is no easy task at times, especially not for a teenager.

3) To me, Dikchhya is a representation of what young women should look like and act like according to the Bible and not the world. When I saw her on Saturday, she represented to me all that the Bible describes as beautiful and lovely. She was nicely dressed and her smile said it all.. that perfect peace that only God can bring.

I’ve heard everyone and their mother’s opinion about sending the girls to Pensacola and how strict and perhaps “legalistic” it is. You know what… to me… that school absolutely was able to offer more love, support, and healthy encouragement to Dikchhya than I ever could. They kept her safe and have given her a firm anchor in the Word that she will be able to lean on for the rest of her life.

In the end, on the evening of her departure, Dikchhya was able to say that she did not feel comfortable returning home to Nepal for the next year as per her arrangement with us. She is in fact planning to return to PCC for college next semester if she gets accepted and we know she will.

As many of you know, the purpose of bringing Dikchhya to America was to help her get grounded in Biblical teaching and to give her a chance to develop healthy relationships in Christ, which she has now done. It is not the intent of our ministry to sponsor Nepali citizens into America and then have them stay in America to use their gifts and talents here, at least not unless God makes that VERY apparent to us and he hasn’t as of yet. Still, we recognize that God may have another plan for Dikchhya’s life that we don’t know about… in fact, that is highly possible.

So, both Dikchhya and Lhakpa have returned to Nepal, in fact they have safely arrived at their perspective locations. Dikchhya has already checked in and we’ve touched base. She was worried about what this news and final decision would do to our relationship and I have assured her that our relationship will only continue to grow stronger, regardless of her decisions.

It is important though for all of the Arise Supporters to know that Arise will not be continuing to financially support Dikchhya over the next four years of her education. We will be supporting her with love, faith, visits, vacation coverage, and lots of prayer.

As for Lhakpa, she will be returning for the start of the semester in early September. This is a real blessing indeed and her family has deposited nearly $6000 towards her first semester of nursing school. Both girls LOVE their continued experience at PCC and you don’t have to be there long before you realize why. It’s obviously all about a loving heart and willing Spirit.

Thanks to all of you who have prayed, supported, and loved the girls. Please don’t stop as Arise continues to support both the girls in the future endeavors. Both have been a tremendous blessing to say the least.

~Gina for Arise Medical Missions (US)