Gina Update 060210

I should have posted this last Friday when it happened but was still pretty out of it from trying to survive the graduation festivities. It’s Genet and Getenet at the airport taking off for Fort Bragg on Friday afternoon. Genet looks excited and Getenet looks slightly unsure of what to do with his new found freedom? I figure since it’s Wednesday now that he’s gotten over all of that!

Nothing new to report other than both William and Getenet graduated from Sarasota Military Academy last Thursday evening and have been on cloud nine ever since. Things are going well for both and Austin is adjusting to the life of an only child. It’s tough you know… all that attention.

All that to say that I’m back at work and so is Carl. We’re both trying hard to focus our sights now on returning together to Nepal in just 24 months which sounds like a long time but it isn’t. In fact, Carl will be returning to Nepal on Monday for a short trip and to check in with our ministry contacts. God is faithful and we can see his hand in all that we experience. It’s been a tough two years but we’ve survived it through and through and perhaps are stronger and better people as a result. I’m sure that your prayers had everything in the world to do with that. Thank you!

Best regards,