Carl Update 060710

Hi All,

Just a quick note as I work my way to Tampa International for a sudden onset ten day return trip to Nepal. Gina and I have been tremendously burdened over wanting to return to Nepal and have God lead and direct us to some heart-related matters concerning Raju and BB, Suni Maya, and Prakash Man Thing. Fortunately for me, the doctor says that the hernia crisis is not quite over with just yet and I have not been cleared to return to full duty. As a result, I’m off to Nepal because God has cleared me for travel and Gina says that I can go if I carry NOTHING. Hmm… NOTHING… yes that’s right… NOTHING.

Also, I’ll be paving the way for the summer teams that are preparing to journey to our beloved Mustang! Thank you Lord for your continued mercy and love concerning the desires of our heart for your people.

I’ll keep you posted indeed but covet your prayers for the trip.

~Carl for Arise Medical Missions (US)