Carl Update 061310

Hi Everyone,

Well, I am filled up to my eyeballs with tea (that’s how business and fellowship is done here) and it is time to try to come down from Jomsom in the morning, depending on good weather.  Today, I finished as much advanced planning as was possible for our Summer ministry partners’ arrival and now onto Pokhara to do the same there.

It has been such a blessing to visit with people with whom we’ve ministered in various ways over the past few years and also to see that the Arise reputation here is strong, which means that the Lord is being glorified  at this “end” of the earth. Two people in town today asked me if we could help their high school aged children come to America and attend Christian school.  Strange and I don’t know just what to make of this yet, but something is happening and it appears positive.

I walked to Kagbeni today, twelve miles and only up 443 feet.  After the last three days of going places, this seemed easy.  I am packing my bags in a few minutes and then off for a big plate of dal bhat!  Packing shouldn’t take long.  I traveled with literally a handful of clothing, all of which need to be washed, which I’ll do in Pokhara tomorrow, the boots on my feet, water bottle, GPS, and my sat phone.  Seriously, I did it with under 15 pounds of stuff, but I wouldn’t recommend it to most.  Yes, in case you were wondering, I also have toothpaste and deodorant too!

Blessings to all,

~Carl for Arise Medical Missions (Nepal)