“One Last Look” 061510

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Hi Everyone,

Just an hour ago, I boarded the airplane in Jomsom for the seventeen minute trip to Pokhara.  I have done this at least a dozen times and know that I am leaving a beautiful, though “lost” place for the chaos of a hot and humid city. Horns of vehicles, pollution, and always having to look over your shoulder.  I have never taken a photo when boarding, but I thought, “what if this is the last time the Lord sends me here?”  Now, I don’t think that is the case, but you never know where he might lead and I want to remember all of the blessings he has bestowed me in Jomsom. I have friends in totally unimaginable places here.  I have gotten to talk to many about the truths of eternity, treat sickness, and have been challenged.  I look forward to returning this fall.  For this Summer, this is the first time we are sending other ministry partners without actually going ourselves and it is a strange feeling.  I am blessed that the Lord has brought along people from both sides of the ocean that are totally capable, maybe even more so than I.  Now, it is onto the remainder of tasks that still are unfinished on my list for the next five days.


~Carl for Arise Medical Missions (Jomsom)