Carl Update 061510

Well, you’re going to bed and I am just waking up.  I am staying at the Goshen house and not much has changed here.  The owner, Jasmine Oxxk, sends her regards to you.  She is such a nice sister in Chrxst.  She did relate very sad news to me in that her brother-in-law, Dxllip’s father, suddenly disappeared several weeks ago while walking home from a seminar in Chitwan.

The police were of little help, as were human rights advocates in trying to locate him.  He was a strong church leader in the area and his shoulder bag has been found along the road near a bridge, but that is all that can be said.  Despite this news, they have peace that the Lxxd is in control of the entire situation while they are still hopeful that he will walk through the door any day now. NWA (Nepal wins again!).

It was quite a challenge in locating the home where Bibi and Suny Maya now live.  I looked at the directions that were provided for me a few months back and thought that this would be impossible… stupid me, for thinking that God wouldn’t take care of it.  Thirty minutes out from the northern Ring Road and without making any wrong turns, I was there.

All I can say is that if the total reason that I was sent here on this trip was to see these kids, than it was totally worth it.  Bibi is strong beyond belief and her home mother reports that she is a strong learner in school.  She wanted to call Gina and though her English is still very thick, she clearly said many times, “I love you, Aunty and I miss you.”  Suny Maya also wanted phone time and basically giggled like a five-year old should. Suny sat on my lap for an hour and put my leg to sleep.  The home that God has given them is really, really nice and there is clearly an element of peace there.  I showed up unannounced and everything was clean and orderly.

Next event yesterday, was a phone call to our ministry partner, Yam.  She reported that Rana, Salome, and the ten month old baby are all doing well and are healthy and strong.  She maintains contact with them weekly.  I’ll go out to see Yam and our friends at Pushpanjali School on Thursday, I think.  Yam sends her love to all, Gina, Janalle, and even Austin!

Next event was running into our Irish friend Mark on the street.  Mark is the engineer for a faith-based organization here that is starting to re-build a hospital in Dadeldura, int the far west of the country.  Josh spent a month there when he lived with us and served there.  He has invited me to attend their team devotions Friday morning and have a cup of tea…imagine that, tea!  He also sends his best to Gina and Josh.  Mark and his wife are living out in Dadeldura now.  Previously, this was the seat of fierce fighting during the insurgency of a few years ago, well, let me just leave it at that.

Next stop was the Tibetan bookstore in Thamel as I was looking for a book on the “freedom fighters” of Tibet.  I have only heard legends about their efforts to repel the Chinese invaders in the fifties.  During conversation, I even learned of a community of old men that were members, which I can only call patriots, that live in a refugee camp here.  Too bad I am out of time!  I did get a book and started reading… fascinating.

Next stop was eating at a restaurant with Lhakpa and Namgyl, Lkapa’s brother.  Last Summer, while in the mountains, Billie and I found their family home and sat and drank tea with their dad and Namgyl, imagine that, tea!  We had a nice time eating a pizza and today, I am to be hosted by the eldest brother Tsering, which will be a big deal, for sure.  I am not into big deals, but then again, neither was Jesus I think, and he did it too.

Well, by the time Friday night rolls around, I will be happy to just fall aboard the Qatar flight and be on my way home.  As for Kathmandu?  It is still congested, polluted, and hot!


~Carl for Arise Medical Missions (Nepal)