Lhakpa Update 071210

I am getting really excited to go to my own village! I hope to have full extend of refreshment and connection with people and places over there within one and half month. I almost finished doing my shopping and am ready to go to village.

Anyway, few days before I got message from my sister that my friends, Mr. and Mrs. XXX wanted to talk with me, so I called them to find out why. And, I found out that they want to buy a laptop and have it ready for me to use when I arrive back to PCC. It was really huge answer to prayer. I just wanted to tell you this to say how big blessing it was from Him.

Day by day, I am beginning to realize how much more I need God in every steps of my life especially when we are not surrounded by other believers. Honestly, it is hard to stay faithful in the Lord all the time here, but He is teaching something new to me everyday.

Maf Pau.  Jai Mercy. Have a great day!

With lots of love and respect,  Lhakxa

P.S. I sent this as a testimony to the fact that it is very difficult to keep the faith in so many of the countries in which Arise works and only the Holy Spirit can do what we are incapable of doing!